Close your eyes (and your ears) and you can’t tell if its a Spitfire V or a Chipmunk” – Charlie Brown, legendary Spitfire display pilot.

Air Experience Flights, Tailwheel Conversion, Stall and Spin Training, Formation and Corporate

Fenland Flying School are excited to offer flight training and Air Experience Flights in de Havilland Chipmunk Mk20 “1350”.

Built in 1958 by OGMA for the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) under licence from de Havilland, “1350” served as a primary trainer for many years. Having a fairly easy life, it left the service with fewer than 2,300 flight hours. After some years in storage, “1350” arrived in the UK and has received a full restoration to original condition in 2014.

Well known around the UK as part of the Vintage Pair Display Team, this aircraft is now available for Experience flights, flight training and corporate event days.

Air Experience Flights (Introductory Flights)

Take flight in the aeroplane that has become affectionately known as “The Poor Man’s Spitfire,” the de Havilland Chipmunk offers superb handling and a very graceful flight experience, earning its place in aviation halls of fame as a firm favourite.

The Chipmunk earned its notoriety through its service with RAF Air Experience Flights, where many a young Air Cadet sampled their first taste of the air.

Strap in and find out for yourself why the Chipmunk is such a dearly loved aeroplane.

20 minute AEF – £120 30 minute AEF – £170 40 minute AEF – £210 60 minute AEF – £300

Tailwheel Conversion

Already hold a pilot’s licence? You can learn the art of tailwheel flying in the best training aircraft available. The Chipmunk is revered for its legendary handling characteristics, but it is a great teacher, demonstrating the behaviour expected of some of the less well-behaved aircraft at just the right time and right level!

Our highly experienced Instructor will take you through the syllabus to convert you from a tricycle pilot to a tailwheel pilot. Learn the art of 3 point landings, wheelers, short field and soft field as well as hard runway ops.

This is a comprehensive course, not just the basics. Complete the course as a true tailwheel pilot and open a new aviation chapter in your flying career.

Further Training

Already hold a licence? We can offer you further training to enhance your skills. Explore slow speed flight, stalls, and learn to recover from spins. The Chipmunk teaches these aspects of flight better than most others. Strap into a Strong Parachute for extra security and experience spinning and unusual attitudes in comfort and safety. Feel the limits of safe flight.

Formation School

By special arrangement we can offer a Formation Training School. Ideal for two pilots to learn the art of flying in close formation together, we take you from an absolute formation novice to a safe and competent formation pilot.

Learn the formation references, positions and emergency drills. Formation flying is the ultimate skill to make you the smoothest pilot in the club!

The course is flown in two Chipmunks and can be tailored to your ultimate aim, whether for safe close flying with a friend for a cross country, up to and including preparation for Display Authorisation and Airshow formation flying.

If you have your own aircraft, our instructors are also available to teach you in these.


The Chipmunk is also available for corporate events. For that extra something on your next corporate day, why not have a short aerobatic flight, or a formation experience?

Activities can be tailored to your needs, please contact us for more.


Generally height limitations can be dealt with.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT 16 stone (101kg)

General mobility should be good to be able to climb over the side and get in.