Open for Ground School, Exams and Solo Simulator by appointment only

Since the lockdown has been relaxed slightly, the CAA have approved GA flying again, on the proviso that there is only one sole occupant of the aircraft. Passengers are only allowed if they are members of the pilot’s household. This obviously precludes dual training, and, as all of our members will need a dual check flight before flying solo, it also precludes hiring from Fenland Flying School. Obviously private owners can, and are, flying.

However, the Simulator is available, as is one-to-one Ground School at the Flying School, and also, those of you that need to, can take exams. Obviously, all government guidelines on social distancing, hand sanitizing, cleaning etc will be strictly observed.

If anyone would like to make a booking for any of these, please email, preferably, or ring 07900 411135, as the office phone may not be manned for several days at a time.

We will, of course, resume dual training as soon as we are allowed to.

Stay alert, stay safe!


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