Club Fly-Out to Amiens

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“Fancy a fly-out?” says Jeff.

“Good idea!” says I.

So the search for a destination began…. and we very soon found ourselves planning a club trip to Amiens for the Fly-In weekend in May. We luckily, and very kindly, had a helping hand from Martin, a regular visitor to France, who organised PPR for our 9 aircraft and 19 pilots and passengers, and gave us the heads up on all things France, including brushing up on (or learning) French RT. Which we did…….

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t perfect on the morning as we went, and some sensibly decided that they’d wait for a better day for their first Channel crossing. But 11 of us made it in 3 planes, stopping at Calais for customs, and changing seats. And then on to Amiens where we would be able to put into practice our new-found RT skills.

“Amiens, G-ECGC, vent-arriere, trente” says I, proudly. Quickly followed by “What did she say?!”

Of course, if you speak French on the radio, someone will speak back to you in French! The rest of our transmissions were in Franglais!! Roger and David, however, did a whole lot better and managed the full vocabulary, so well done to them!

We had a very warm welcome on arrival, free sausage and chips, which we enjoyed to the sound of a very professional swing band, and a complementary bus ride into town. Everyone was so friendly.

Amiens is a pleasant little French town with a stunning cathedral and inviting riverside restaurants. Most of us, James mainly, managed to slake our thirst for international air travel, something to be highly recommended!

All in all a fabulous trip, our furthest, and best, yet!









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