Day out to RAF Coningsby

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We were so lucky to be one of a few Flying Clubs to be invited to RAF Coningsby for the day, to see how the other half live…….!

So we grabbed the offer with both hands, and ten of us eagerly made our way there for an 0800 start on a beautiful morning in May.

The object was to engender mutual understanding of each other’s moda operandi , and highlight the importance of (and dispel any worries regarding) RT!! Which they did brilliantly!

A visit to the Tower and Radar Room filled the morning, which, luckily, happened to be the morning a Typhoon practised its display – wonderful!! After a feastĀ in the Sergeants’ Mess, we were treated to a BBMF tour, and then got up close and personal to a Typhoon! What an amazing day!

Our huge thanks to all who helped put on such a fantastic day; we already have a waiting list in anticipation of the next one….

And 119.2 isn’t quite so scary any more…………



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