Fly-Out to Caernarfon

Great fortune was enjoyed on Saturday 24th August …… Caernarfon Airfield was lucky enough to receive a select band of aviators from Fenland Flying School on their first visit to a ‘foreign country’ and first trip over mountainous terrain, and Fenland Flying School was lucky enough to enjoy perfect weather for the whole trip, and spectacular views of Snowdonia!

The day involved 4 aircraft and 10 personnel, mostly newly qualified pilots and soon-to-be qualified pilots, calling in at Tatenhill on the way there, and Halfpenny Green on the way back for seat-swapping, enabling each to fly at least 2 legs of the journey.

Everyone did remarkably well; if anyone’s is to be singled out for special praise, it must be Linda for carrying out the navigation the old-fashioned way without the use of a GPS or two…..

It was an invaluable experience for all involved, a lot was learnt, and much fun was had. A thoroughly enjoyable day!

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