January Fly-Out

IMG_1336 (2) IMG_1338

The January fly-out was a wintry visit to Wales. Our Intrepid Trio, Jeff Helm, Roger Tunnard (taking the photos) and Jeff Moreland set off in G-MICK, the school C-172, and enjoyed 4 hours of flying to Caernarfon and back, taking in a landscape of winter wonderland.

The planned stop at Halfpenny Green never materialised due to the fact that it was reported that the 3 pilots were….. ‘taken ill’. However, all was well, as rather than being ‘taken ill’, they had actually landed at ‘Tatenhill’!

A fantastic day’s flying was had by all, sharing the flying and the costs. They each enjoyed 4 hours’ flying in our comfortable C-172 for less than £32 per hour per person! (Whilst enjoying good health throughout 😉 )

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