IOW Fly-Out to Sandown



So… we picked a beautiful day for our School fly-out to Sandown! Or Dan-down as it has been colloquially renamed (by Dan!) Dan, the new lessee of the airfield has grand plans for making Sandown the first airfield resort and ‘The best airfield in the World’ (his words!)….. he’s already installed showers and hot-tubs ready for his Summer Glamping weekends. May well be worth another visit soon…!

For some of our members it was the first long-distance trip post PPL, and for others, a chance to brush up on navigation and an excuse for lunch!

Richard gained his PPL earlier in the year and flew G-AVEH on the outbound leg as part of his differences training, under Steve’s instruction. David flew G-ECGC out and Simon flew her back; both relatively new PPLs. Murray, Louisa and Jerry came along too in their own planes. We all enjoyed a (long) walk in the sunshine and lunch on the beach. And, of course, some great flying! A grand day out!

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